100-year-old gifted car he drove as a chauffeur in 1964

Eddie Hughes of Lacock, 英国。, was surprised by his family when they gave him the keys to a 本特利 S3 he drove as a chauffeur way back in 1964.

Hughes had picked the car up from the factory for his employer and drove him around in it for a year before moving on to another job.

His son Ron, 69, began the quest to find the car two decades ago after his father told himit was the best car he had ever driven.


Ron told SWNS that he’d contacted Bentley clubs around the world over the years, but it wasn’t until his son, 詹姆士, recently entered the registration number into a Google search and found the car for sale in the U.S. that they were able to track it down.

They purchased the brown sedan from the Beverly Hills Car Club and had it shipped to the U.K. for a total $ 44,000 before sending it to the shop to have it repaired.


Ron Hughes spent 20 years trying to track down the Bentley for his father.

Ron Hughes spent 20 years trying to track down the Bentley for his father. (SWNS)

The car was very complete with its original parts but its running condition was poor until it was fixed,” Ron said.

I just could not believe it. It was wonderful to see it again,” Eddie said.

I was very emotional when I saw it. I never knew anything about it.

Eddie said it still rides smoothly, but he unfortunately won’t be getting to drive it on the road as he is about turn in his driver’s license after 83 年份.


I’ll be leaving that to my family,” 他说.




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