11 vermoor, insluitend 2 kinders, in Montenegro geweeraanval, berig staatsmedia

Ten minste 11 mense is vermoor, twee kinders ingesluit, in a deadly mass shooting in Montenegro’s southern city of Cetinje on Friday, volgens staatsmedia RTCG.

According to Montenegrin Police Chief Zoran Brđanin, the suspected shooter first attacked a family that was living in his house as tenants.
He killed two children, 8 en 11 jaar oud, using a hunting rifle, and injured their mother, who later succumbed to her wounds in a medical facility,” Brđanin said.
    He then went out in the street and used the same rifle to shoot other residents of this settlement.
      A witness told RTCG that the shooterindiscriminately shot people as he walked through the street.
        Authorities say they have identified the attackersaid to be a 34-year-old manand that his rampage was brought to an end when he was shot dead by a civilian.
        State prosecutor Andrijana Nastic talks to the forensic team at the house where a gunman started a mass shooting in Cetinje, Montenegro August 12, 2022.

        A firefighter walks by a hearse on the site of the attack in Cetinje, 36 kilometers (22 myl) west of Podgorica, Montenegro, Vrydag, Aug.. 12, 2022.

        The head of Clinical Center of Montenegro Ljiljana Radulovic said that three of the injured victims are in the hospital in a critical condition.
            Montenegro’s President Milo Đukanović tweeted on Friday that he wasdeeply shakenby the news.
            I express my sincerest condolences to the bereaved families, to all those who lost their loved ones. All of us as a society must stand in solidarity with them in these difficult times,” Đukanović said on Twitter.

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