12 alpinisti uccisi dopo che le bufere di neve hanno innescato una valanga in Iran

I corpi di 12 gli alpinisti sono stati recuperati a seguito di una valanga causata da bufere di neve a nord della capitale iraniana, Teheran, according to a Red Crescent official and Iran’s state-run Iran News Agency (IRNA).

The avalanche in the Sheminarat area of the Alborz Mountainsa key tourist destination for climbershappened on Friday.
After three days of search-and-rescue efforts, two bodies were found on Sunday, bringing the number of dead to 12.
Shahin Fathi, the head of the Red Crescent’s search-and-rescue unit, said the operation had ended as of Sunday afternoon,
    The bodies of most of those who died were recovered on the heights of the Kalak Chal summit, according to IRNA.
    Iran’s Sheminarat region is located in the southern portion of the Alborz Mountain range that spans almost 600 miles in the north of the country.

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