12-year-old McDonald’s customer donates Happy Meal to family turned away from drive-thru for not having a car

12-year-old McDonald's customer donates Happy Meal to family turned away from drive-thru for not having a car

Everyone deserves a happy meal.

A mom recently shared a heartwarming story on her Twitter page about an experience she had at a McDonald’s. According to her, her son decided to step up and help out after witnesses a family get turned away.

Sheree Claire posted about the incident on Twitter page, where she wrote, “A guy tried to take his son for a happy meal today but didn’t have a car. They refused to serve him as he didn’t have a car, he was still polite. We offered to get his son a happy meal, McDonald’s refused to serve us. So my son went over & gave his meal to the boy.


A photo posted alongside the story shows a man standing by a McDonald’s drive-thru window.

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The incident occurred at a McDonald’s in Leeds, West Yorkshire in England, 태양 보고서. According to the news outlet, the family wasn’t allowed to purchase food (or have food purchased for them) due to the new regulations regarding the coronavirus.

Claire posted a follow-up 트위터에서, explaining, “McDonald’s said nobody was allowed to buy the boy a meal so sad. And he had a mask and I can’t see much difference when McDonald’s do Uber eats delivery etc.

In a statement obtained by The Sun, a spokesperson for McDonald’s said, “For the health and safety of our people and our customers, we are unable to serve customers on foot in our Drive-Thru lanes. On this occasion, our team asked the customer to go to the restaurant entrance so they could safely assist them, 하지만 불행히도, the customer left.

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