14 passengers banned by airline after rowdy DC to Seattle flight

Alaska Airlines banned more than a dozen passengers this week for not complying to its mask mandate and for harassing staff members.

그만큼 14 passengers were banned from flying with the airline after they werenon-mask compliant, rowdy, argumentative and harassed our crew memberson a flight from Washington Dulles to Seattle on Thursday evening, according to a statement from Alaska Airlines.
Their behavior was unacceptable,” the statement from the airline said. “We apologize to our other guests who were made uncomfortable on the flight.
When asked for more detail on the passengers, the airline told CNN that they’refocused on the individual actions of those passengers and their non-compliance with our mask policy.
We’re thankful and appreciative of the efforts of our dedicated crew members who are committed each day to keeping travel safe and respectful,” the airline said.
현재까지, Alaska Airlines says it has banned 288 passengers for violating our mask policy since it went into effecta number does not include these 14 승객.
Other airlines have banned passengers for not complying to mask rules while flying.
전국적으로, anti-maskers have, 일부 경우에, threatened 또는 assaulted employees when asked to wear a mask, leading to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to issue a recommendation in August stating not to argue with customers if they become violent.

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