18 former NBA players indicted for allegedly trying to defraud league's health care plan out of millions

Eighteen former NBA players have been indicted on charges that they allegedly defrauded a health care plan of millions of dollars that served current and former players, according to an indictment unsealed Thursday.

Manhattan federal prosecutors allege in the indictment that the 18 former NBA players and one of their family members took part in awidespread scheme to defraudthe NBA’s health plan by submitting nearly $ 4 miljoen in “false and fraudulentclaims to be reimbursed for medical and dental services that had not actually been given.
The people charged in the indictment received about $ 2.5 million in fraudulent proceeds, prosecutors said in the indictment.
    Alles, 19 people were indicted on one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and wire fraud.
      The indictment alleges that at least 10 co-defendants agreed to pay one former player about $ 230,000 total inkickbacksin exchange for him providing them with fake invoices to help with their scheme.
        CNN has reached out to the NBA and the NBA players union for comment. CNN is also to reaching out to the defendants.

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