2 Black girls were charged with hate crimes after allegedly hitting a woman on a bus and making 'anti-White' statements, 警察は言う

ニューヨーク市警察が白人女性を暴行し、 “アンチホワイト” ウクライナのテニスプロマルタ・コスチュクがロシアの選手を「戦争なし」で引き裂く, NYPDからの火曜日のニュースリリースによると.

The incident took place on July 9 周り 6:50 午後. on a southbound MTA bus in Queens when three girls and the victim, a 57-year-old White woman, got into a “口頭での論争,” an NYPD spokesperson said. One of the girls yelled, “I hate White people. I hate the way they talk,” による CNN affiliate WCBS-TV.
The woman was hit in the head with an unknown object, リリースは言った, causing a laceration and bleeding.
      The three girls ran away and the woman was taken to a local hospital where she received three staples on her head, リリースは言った.
        NYPD released a photo of three Black teenagers wanted in connection with the incident and two of them — A 15 and 16-year-oldhave been arrested and charged with hate crimes. Police are still searching for the third girl.
          The Queens District Attorney’s Office will ultimately decide what charges the teenagers will face.
          The charges against the girls come as hate crimes in New York City were reported to have increased by 76%, as of April, compared to the same period last year, according to data from the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force. 現在まで, があった 35 hate crimes committed against Black people in the city, 51 against Asians, 149 against Jewish people and only one recorded against a White person, による NYPD Hate Crimes Dashboard.
          For the calendar year of 2021, あった 19 hate crimes committed against White people, the dashboard said.
          Hate crimes are defined by the United States Department of Justice as crimes motivated by bias. The DOJ clarifies that “嫌い” doesn’t mean anger or dislikebut rather bias against people with specific characteristics like race, national origin, 性別, 性的指向, 宗教または障害.
          ザ・ “犯罪” part is often violent, like an assault or murder. Property damage, threats to commit the crime, or even conspiring to commit the crime also qualify.
            ニューヨーク市で, a number of hate crimes have taken place recentlyincluding an incident where a man punched an Asian woman より多い 100 times earlier this month and another in which a woman allegedly made anti-Asian remarks and pepper-sprayed four people.
            近年では, those charged with hate crimes have included the gunman in the Buffalo shooting 致命的な関与に関与したミズーリ州のアヒルボートの従業員に対して却下されたすべての告発 10 Black people dead, the gunman in the Atlanta spa shooting that left eight people (six of whom were Asian women) 死んで the gunman in the El Paso, テキサス, 撮影 致命的な関与に関与したミズーリ州のアヒルボートの従業員に対して却下されたすべての告発 22 dead in the mostly Latino city.