2-month-old is fatally attacked by German shepherd mix

2-month-old is fatally attacked by German shepherd mix

A 2-month-old girl in Virginia was found fatally wounded by a pet mixed-breed German shepherd Tuesday.

에 따르면 press release from the Hampton Police Department, officers responded to a call around 3 오전. 에 대한 vicious canine attack.


The infant was sleeping in an electronic swing next to the couple’s bed, according to The Virginian-Pilot.

Hampton Police Sgt. Amanda Moreland said they believed the dog stepped on the bed or hit the bed, which woke up the parents.

“It was more than just one dog bite, but it also wasn’t a mauling per se,” said Moreland. “But also the child was very young, and they’re just more fragile.”

The child’s father observed the extensive injuries to the child and immediately euthanized the canine,” the release noted.

The baby’s 25-year-old mother called 911. The dog, Lane, The Daily Press reported, had been with the family for eight years. Moreland said the dog had no prior history of acting aggressively.

When the Hampton Police arrived, the infant was pronounced dead at the scene.

“There is nothing that would indicate this was anything other than a tragic accident,” Moreland told The Press.

Hampton Police spokesman Sgt. Reggie Williams told The Pilot that there wasno tellingwhat triggered the dog’s attack.

“I can’t say outside of just guesses or speculation, which of course I can’t go off of,” said Williams. “But animal behavior can be unpredictable.”

“There’s just no indication that this is anything other than a horrific tragedy," 그는 덧붙였다.

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Police have not released the names of the baby or her parents.

The family is fully cooperating with the investigation and no charges have been filed.

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