2 personas murieron después de que un pequeño avión se estrellara contra un edificio en Illinois, los funcionarios dicen

Dos personas murieron después de que una avioneta se estrellara contra un edificio en Illinois el sábado por la tarde, las autoridades dijeron.

The pilot of the single-engine Mooney M20 reported an engine issue before the aircraft crashed near Highway 116 in Hanna City, sobre 170 miles south of Chicago, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. There were two people on board the small plane when it went down.
Witnesses reported hearing asputterfrom the plane as it was descending, according to a media release from Peoria County Coroner Jamie Harwood.
      The pilotheroically navigated between vehicles on the roadwaybefore striking a building while landing on a road, the release states.
        A male occupant of the plane was initially conscious, but his conditionrapidly declinedonce he was pulled from the plane, el comunicado dijo. He was pronounced dead on the scene following efforts to resuscitate him.
          A female occupant was not conscious or breathing when first assessed, and was pronounced dead following efforts to revive her, el comunicado dijo.
            It is unknown at this time whether they were restrained in the plane,” el comunicado dijo.
            Autopsies are scheduled for Monday. The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the crash.




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