2 sospetti in Arizona ripresi dalle telecamere che abusavano di cavalli anziani, i proprietari cercano risposte

Un deputato ha risposto in giro 9:30 a.m. in una proprietà a Desert Foothills, di 6 miglia a sud di Phoenix, a una segnalazione di due maschi che durante la notte hanno colpito fisicamente e lanciato sassi a due cavalli, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office told Fox News in an email.


The horse owners showed the deputy video of the alleged incident, ha detto l'ufficio dello sceriffo. The owners posted a video of the incident onto a GoFundMe page to raise reward money in an effort to catch the suspects.

The couple who own the horses, Sean and Dana Pietsch, detto KNXV-TV that one horse, named Indy, is 30-years-old andlives a retired life.

The couple said that the video shows two young men punching and throwing large river rocks, as heavy as 6 libbre, at Indy while he was locked inside his pen with no means of escape.

He was crashing into the rails, trying to do everything to get away from them – to get out of his pen,” Sean told the station regarding Indy.

The second horse, a 25-year-old female Palomino attempted to help Indy but was also assaulted, according to the couple.

These two horses are the sweetest horses and we love them very much,” Dana Pietch wrote on the GoFundMe page. “They did not deserve to be attacked in this fashion by anyone.

The sheriff’s office said the two suspects have yet to be identified and the case is still under investigation.

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