3 oficiales resultaron heridos en una explosión en Wichita mientras registraban una casa vacía, los funcionarios dicen

Tres Wichita, Kansas, Los agentes de policía resultaron heridos en una posible explosión el sábado mientras respondían a una llamada en una casa vacía., las autoridades dijeron.

“Justo después de 4:00 officers were dispatched to check a vacant residence in the area. After making entry into the residence, three officers sustained injuries from a possible explosion from an unknown device,” the Wichita Police Department said in a tweet.
Officials say they’re not sure what caused the explosion in the home on the 1400 block of South St. Francis. The bomb squad and SWAT team were on the scene of what police described as anactive situation.
SWAT team and negotiators are still on scene attempting negotiations. The situation is contained,” police tweeted in an update.
    The officers were taken to a hospital, with one officer in serious but stable condition. The other two had minor injuries and one of them has been released, la policía dijo.
      The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives confirmed in a tweet it is joining the investigation.
      This is a developing story.

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