‘30s star Greta Garbo ‘had a very active social life' after leaving Hollywood behind, great-nephew says

I wouldn’t call her a recluse,” Derek Reisfield recently told 매주 가까이 for its latest issue currently on newsstands.

If you look at her date books, she’s out and about, meeting people, going to parties, going to people’s homes for the weekend,” 그는 공유했다. “She was private… but for a recluse, she had a very active social life. I forget who said it, but somebody called her the ‘hermit about town.’

Reisfield’s mother, Gray Gustafson Reisfield, was the only daughter of the star’s brother Sven. She was the sole heiress to her famous aunt’s estate and a woman who was a long-time companion to the late Swedish-born actress.

When I moved to New York after school, I lived about five blocks away from her, so I would see her a lot,” Reisfield recalled to the outlet. “[Family and friends] would all assemble at five for cocktails at her apartment, 그리고 [we’d go] out to dinners or a play or whatever we were doing. That was a weekly event, and it was a lot of fun. She was a remarkable person. She was very intuitive, very intelligent and extremely funny.


에 1941, 나이에 36, Greta Garbo left Hollywood, spending the rest of her life in fenced residences in France, Switzerland and Manhattan, where she lived in an East Side high-rise.

에 1941, 나이에 36, Greta Garbo left Hollywood, spending the rest of her life in fenced residences in France, Switzerland and Manhattan, where she lived in an East Side high-rise. (Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

Garbo, one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars of the ‘30s, went into what was to be a temporary retirement at age 36 after her last movie, 1941’sTwo-Faced Woman.She previously starred in 26 films in 17 연령. 하나, 그만큼 뉴욕 타임즈 reported the actress never returned to the screen.

Garbo was known for her performances in such classics asAnna Christie,” ″Grand Hotel,” ″Queen Christina,” ″Anna Karenina,” ″Camille” 과 “Ninotchka.She had a major influence on women’s fashions, hair styles and makeup.

But even at the height of her career, Garbo was known for her deep fear of reporters and strangers. 아이러니하게도, Garbo became one of the most publicized women in the world while trying to guard her privacy.

Her biographer John Bainbridge wrote inGarbo,” that except at the start of her career, 여자 “granted no interviews, signed no autographs, attended no premieres, answered no fan mail.

Reisfield said when it came to her closest confidantes, Garbo had stories to tell.


Greta Garbo, ~로 알려진 "The Swedish Sphinx," starred in 26 films in 17 연령.

Greta Garbo, ~로 알려진 “The Swedish Sphinx,” starred in 26 films in 17 연령. (Photo by Donaldson Collection/Getty Images )

She would occasionally start talking about Hollywood in the old days and the people she met and hung out with,” 그는 말했다. “… She had a lot of significant relationships over the years.

Reisfield also insisted that Garbowas pretty contentstepping away from Hollywood. His mother, 구체적으로 특별히, developed a close bond with Garbo.

She viewed [Garbo] as truly a remarkable woman,” Reisfield told The Associated Press at the time of the matriarch’s death in 2017 나이에 85. “I think my mother really respected her because she had accomplished so much, and she had done it her way. She was very independent when women were not, and I think that was a real lesson for my mother.

당시, Reisfield said he was about 12 when he realized his great aunt was famous after seeing a magazine that showed his mother and Garbo vacationing together. Every spring, the women would travel to the Caribbean.

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(L-R) Gray Reisfield and Derek Reisfield.

(L-R) Gray Reisfield and Derek Reisfield. (Photo by Jimi Celeste/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

My mother was very close to [Garbo] and would go into New York once a week to see her,” said Reisfield. “They were both very strong, very independent women, and I think they bonded over that.

After leaving Hollywood, Garbo spent the rest of her life in fenced residences in France, Switzerland and New York City. The actress never married and had no children, but rather chose her niece as a frequent companion.

Garbo passed away in 1990 나이에 84.

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