4.0 Bliss Corner 근처에서 규모가 큰 지진 발생, 매사추세츠 주, USGS 말한다

ㅏ 4.0 Bliss Corner 근처에서 발생한 규모의 지진, 매사추세츠 주, 일요일 아침에, 미국 지질 조사국의 예비 정보에 따르면.

temblor는 100 마일 떨어진 곳, in Burlington, 코네티컷, Manchester, New Hampshire and Sound Beach, 뉴욕, on Long Island, the USGS says.
According to a USGS map, the quake struck off Mishaum Point, a peninsula in southeastern Massachusetts that extends into Buzzards Bay.
The epicenter appears to be about 4 miles south-southwest of Bliss Corner, which is located in the town of Dartmouth, just south of New Bedford and about 35 miles southeast of Providence, Rhode Island.
    There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage, and the USGS said there is a low likelihood of casualties or economic losses.
      There is no threat of tsunami, the National Weather Service says.
      이것은 발전하는 이야기입니다. More to come.

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