4 Muerto después de que el barco naufraga en un río de Idaho

Cuatro personas mueren después de que el bote en el que viajaban volcara esta semana en un río de Idaho, dijeron las autoridades el viernes.

Authorities were told Tuesday evening that the performance-style boat had capsized in the Pend Oreille River near the community of Thama, the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office dicho.
The body of Gregory J. Daiker, 59, of Laclede, was found Tuesday night by the office’s marine and dive team, the sheriff’s office dicho.
      Aaron J. Faulhaber, 49, of Laclede, was found dead Thursday night in about 80 feet of water near the capsizing site, according to the office.
        The bodies of Jason L. Maxon, 51, of Laclede, and John R. Schulte, 59, of Sandpoint, were found Friday in about 60 feet of water, also nearby, la oficina del alguacil dijo.
          The cause of the capsizing is under investigation. The boat was pulled from the water by Wednesday; it had overturned where the river is 94 pies de profundidad, la oficina dijo.

            A sonar team from a neighboring county’s sheriff’s office helped in the search for the bodies.
            Thama is about a 45-mile drive north of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and a 60-mile drive northeast of Spokane, Washington.




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