49ers' Jeff Wilson suffers torn meniscus trying to stand up after workout, 通用汽车说

Wilson is expected to miss the start of the season and could return by at least Week 8, ESPN reported Wednesday. His timeline for recovery is expected to be between four and six months.

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49ers general manager John Lynch opened up about Wilson’s injury and told reporters it was a bit of a freak accident. He said Wilson suffered the injury in the locker room after working on his legs.

He was sitting down, talking to some teammates, he got up and as he got up and turned, felt a pop in his knee and kind of got stuck,” Lynch said, 通过 NBC Sports Bay Area. “And he could tell something was wrong.


I just spoke with Jeff, and he’s a little embarrassed about how it happened, but that’s how it happened, and he’s over the devastation. From a team standpoint, I can tell you that we’re going to have his back. We’re excited about Jeff and his prospects for this season.

San Francisco was dealt blow after blow last season. The team lost quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and running back Raheem Mostert on offense for most of the year. Wilson stepped up.

在 12 games in 2020, Wilson ran for 600 码上 126 carries and scored seven touchdowns. 他还有 13 抓住 133 码和三个达阵.