5 things to watch on Fox Nation this Christmas holiday

이번 크리스마스, 폭스 네이션 is bringing a few very special gifts to subscribers. So don’t be a Grinch and join now to enjoy a bit of holiday cheer. There’s something for everyone, including history buffs, real estate enthusiasts, foodies, and Fox super-fans. Sit back and embrace the Christmas spirit, perhaps with some milk and cookies on the side. Yule be sorry you missed it.

FOX NATION을 받으려면 클릭하십시오

올 아메리칸 크리스마스 (With the Duffy’s)

레이첼 캄포스 더피 and Sean Duffy invite you into their home for the holidays – along with some Fox News favorites – for some original feel-good Christmas content.

스페셜, which is spun from their book “올 아메리칸 크리스마스,” embraces holiday traditions across the country and reveals how the family celebrates the birth of Jesus while merging the unique aspects of their Spanish, Mexican and Catholic heritage.

For Christians around the world, Christmas is one of the most important religious holidays of the liturgical year,” “여우 & 친구 주말” co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy said in the special. “Now that’s a pretty obvious statementbut in our culture, it’s actually easy to forget that Jesus is the reason for the season.

대성당의 크리스마스

What better way to remember the reason for the season than taking Fox Nation subscribers to church.

The new streamable special hosted by Jonathan Morris recounts his past as a Catholic priest and unveils the history of the iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the heart of the Big Apple.

With behind-the-scenes footage of the cathedral’s stunning Christmas displays and a sit-down talk with Cardinal Timothy Dolan, you definitely don’t want to miss this mass.

The Feast of the Seven Fishes: An Italian Tradition

One of the best parts of the holiday season is the food. That statement rings especially true for Italian-Americans, who put their own unique spin on Christmas cuisines.

지목 사항: the seven fishes. ㅏ 전통 that brings seven different seafood variations to the table on Christmas Eve. Despite the endless array of mouthwatering fish, this feast started as a biblical story. Learn about the Italian’s struggle to find a better life in America and the ways in which they supported their community during and after their trek to Ellis Island.

스페셜, Italian-American dinner guests discuss the holy importance of the number seven, as well as family, 신앙, 그리고 물론, really good food.

Washington’s Christmas Crossing

하지만 기다려, there’s myrrh!

올해, 피트 헤 게스, Bill Hemmer는 'Made in China'라는 브랜드의 COVID-19 테스트를 호출합니다. “여우 & 친구 주말” hosted the Washington Crossing Park’s annual reenactment of the Continental Army’s Christmas crossing of the Delaware River.

The perilous trek saw Colonel John Glover and his unit ofMarbleheaderssuccessfully move 2,000 of George Washington’s soldiers across the Delaware River and turn the tide of the Revolutionary War in the process.

When you add up that sacrifice, it starts to give you a tiny sense of what the cost of freedom has been in this nation,” said Hegseth.

During 스페셜, Hegseth delivered the event’s keynote address, which drew a crowd of more than 4,000 사람들.

A Biltmore Christmas

드디어, 가입하다 애비 호르 나섹 in a behind-the-scenes look at how America’s largest home gets transformed into a winter wonderland.

Featuring 62 손으로 장식된 나무, 175 포인세티아, 이상 14,000 장식품, 45,000 빛, 과 1,000 화환의 발, the Biltmore Estate decks the halls like no other.

To watch all the original feel-good holiday programming and for more exclusive content available just in time for the holidays, 방문 폭스 네이션 and join today.

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Good things come in virtual packages. From now until January 3, everyone can get 35% off any of Fox Nation’s yearly plans when they use the promo code CELEBRATE at checkout.

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