5 things to watch on Fox Nation this December

Join Rachel and Sean Duffy as they invite you into their home with some Fox News favorites. Gather around their campfire as they share their fondest Christmas memories and the traditions they see through every year.

“Para Christians alrededor del mundo, Christmas is one of the most important religious holidays of the liturgical year,” said Fox NewsRachel Campos-Duffy.

Now that’s a pretty obvious statementbut in our culture, it’s actually easy to forget that Jesus is the reason for the season,” ella continuó, underscoring the birth of Jesus Christ as the often-forgotten impetus behind many of the very traditions Americans work to carry on.

Many traditions…may be secular, but they do similar things to [sic] what those fundamental beliefs in Christianity do: they unite us through common practices, while also pointing out that we come from different backgrounds.

Marriage, especially interracial marriage, is another way Christmas traditions evolve and meld into something new and beautiful,” former U.S. representative Sean Duffy added.

“Para nosotros, that meant bringing Irish and Spanish, Mexican Christmas and Catholic traditions together.





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