6 people shot in downtown Chattanooga, 田纳西州, 在星期六晚上

Six people were shot, two of whom suffered life-threatening injuries, in downtown Chattanooga, 田纳西州, 在星期六晚上, 警察说.

Officers patrolling the area heard gunshots just after 11:45 下午. near the area of 100 Cherry Street and arrived at a scene ofmultiple parties exchanging gunfire and numerous people fleeing the area,” 警察说.
Multiple gunshot victims were taken to a hospital for treatment, said police Sgt. Jeremy Eames. Four are expected to survive while two have life-threatening injuries, 他说. Most of those shot were teenagers or in their early 20s, 他加了.
      We had large groups of juveniles walking around the downtown area this date and we believe it’s from within that group that the shooting took place,” 他说. Police said they’ve detained at least one person in relation to the gunfire.
        The location of the shooting is less than a mile from the Tennessee Aquarium and the city’s waterfront.