7-year-old reels in fish as big as he is with rod he bought with his allowance

It’s always impressive when an angler reels in a big fish. It’s even more impressive, しかしながら, when that angler is only 7-years-old and the fish weighs more than he does.

Autry Hogan, a 7-year-old Tennessee, reeled in an 83-pound catfish while fishing in Cumberland City with his brother, 父と祖父, Clarksville Now レポート. While the fish isn’t a record, it reportedly weighed within two pounds of the state’s official record for catfish at 85 ポンド.


Hogan reportedly saved up his allowance to buy a new fishing rod for the trip. According to his father, this was the first fish he caught with his new rod.

The excited young angler hopes to one day break the record. その間, his father says that he eventually set his impressive catch back into the water.

This is just the latest instance of an angler releasing an impressive fish back into the water.


As Fox News 以前に報告された, a New York man may have caught a record-breaking fish. 残念ながら, due to current season regulations, he had to release the bass back into the water before it could be officially scored.

John Firstiun caught a giant largemouth bass while fishing with his son and some friends last weekend in Albany County. According to his initial measurements and the fish’s estimated weight, it could have been a record-breaker.

残念ながら, as it is currently catch and release season for bass in the Empire State, Firstiun was forced to release it back into the water. アウトレットによると, the current record in New York for largemouth bass (freshwater) was set in 1986 for a fish that measured 25.5-inches long and weighed 11.4 ポンド.




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