77-year-old woman rescued after being trapped inside her van for four days after winter storm

Firefighters in Newark, 뉴저지, on Thursday rescued a 77-year-old woman who said she had been trapped inside her van for at least four days during this week’s winter storm.

The woman was identified by CNN affiliate News 12 뉴저지 as Janet Ward, who is currently living in the vehicle. She told the station she had parked Sunday night before a snowplow blocked her in with snow.
I was blowing the horn to tell them I was in here. But they didn’t get the message, so I’ve been in here ever since,” 그녀가 말했다. 다행히도, she had food and water with her, the station reported.
According to a news release from the Newark Department of Public Safety, the woman contacted police at 3:30 오후. ET on Wednesday. She told them she was unable to leave her van because it was stuck in the snow.
    하나, officials said there washuman errorin logging the address she provided, and when police responded they were unable to find her blue mini-van. Authorities tried to contact her but were unsuccessful.
    Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose said officialscombed through our records to pinpoint exactly when this incident was initially reported to us.
    Officials didn’t hear from the woman again until Thursday at 9:30 오전, when she got in touch with the Newark Fire Department.
    First responders arrived on the scene six minutes later, the officialsnews release says, and shoveled a path to her door, freeing her. According to the news release, the woman refused medical attention and declined help finding a shelter or a family member’s home.
    I don’t want this to happen to anybody else,” Ward told News 12 뉴저지.
      The statement from the Department of Public Safety added that the Newark Office of Homeless Services isworking to offer assistance to the woman.
      We regret that human error played a role in delaying our response to the correct address, although we attempted to call her for a correction,” Ambrose said. “I’m grateful that she reached out again today and that this incident didn’t end tragically.




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