8 terrible numbers for Joe Biden in the new Pew poll

There’s a tendency when a new poll comes out to look at the so-calledtopline” 数字 — presidential approval being the main oneand then move on.

But it’s oftentimes in the guts of the data where you find the real story. Good national polling rewards deep dives, but people don’t often make them.
I wanted to do just that with a new survey from the Pew Research Center. The topline? 只是 41% of Americans approve of the job President Joe Biden is doing, 而 56% 民意调查对乔·拜登(Joe Biden)担任总统一年后的好消息很少. Which is bad! But that number doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the bad news that’s in the poll for Biden.
    Here are eight OTHER numbers that tell the full story:
      1. 44%. That’s the percentage of Americans who say they are either “非常” 要么 “somewhatconfident that Biden can handle the challenges posed by Covid-19. Less than a year ago — 游行 2021 — that number was at 65%. Among Democrats, that number has absolutely cratered — 从 92% 三月 2021 至 69% 现在.
        2. 76%. That’s the number of Democrats who say they approve of the job Biden is doing in office. It’s down seven points from Pew polling last fall and down drastically from the 95% support of Democrats Biden enjoyed in March 2021. 周围 1 在 3 民主党人 (37%) “stronglyapprove of the job Biden is doing.

        3. 30%. 只是 3 在 10 Americans are eithersomewhat” 要么 “非常” confident that Biden canbring the country closer together,” which is one of the core pillars on which he built his presidential campaign. “今天, on this January day, my whole soul is in this: Bringing America together. Uniting our people. And uniting our nation,” Biden said in his inauguration speech.
          4. 20%. 只要 1 在 5 Americans say that Biden will be a successful president. Among Democrats, 只要 1 在 3 say they feel that way. A plurality (43%) of Americans believes Biden will be an unsuccessful president. While he’s only a year in, that sort of pessimism can be a self-fulfilling prophesy.
          5. 72%. A large majority of Americans say that current economic conditions are either “公平” 要么 “poor.Even among Democrats, 只要 36% say that the economy is either “好” 要么 “excellent.
          6. 35%. Asked whether they thought the economy would be better or worse next year, 大致 1 在 4 took the pessimist’s view. 只是 27% said it would be better than it is today, 而 37% said the economy would be about the same as it is today.
          7. 89%. That’s the number of Americans who said thatprices of food and consumer goodsare worse today than they were a year ago. Of that 89%, 60% said prices were “很多” 更差, 而 29% 说他们是 “somewhat” 更差. 另一个 82% said gas prices are worse this year than last.
          8. 69%. 几乎 7 在 10 Americans say that the coronavirus pandemic continues to be a major threat to the health of the economy. That number includes large majorities of Democrats (74%) and Republicans (66%).
            The overall picture these numbers paint? A public that has lost confidence in Biden’s ability to get us to the other end of this pandemic and that has turned negative about the broader prospects for his presidency. People are worried about the economyand Covid’s impact on itwhile feeling the pinch of inflation on their daily necessities.
            It’s a remarkably grim outlook. And one that suggests that Biden’s party is headed for a major comeuppance in Novemberunless things change both drastically and soon.




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