A 107-year-old Minnesota woman beats Covid-19

Tillie Dybing is a survivor.

세의 나이에 107, the Minnesota woman recently beat Covid-19 after being diagnosed this fall, according to officials at the Ecumen Detroit Lakes community home, where she has lived since 2015.
This isn’t the first pandemic Dybing has lived through. 출생 1913, she was almost 5 세 때 1918 flu pandemic hit her family farm in North Dakota, 그녀가 말했다 CNN affiliate KARE.
My folks got sick and they were in bed, and I’d run into the bed and my Dad said, ‘Can’t you find another place to run,'” 그녀가 말했다.
    Throughout her life, Dybing endured other losses, including the deaths of several siblings in infancy and her husband in her 80s. She is also a cancer survivor, having beaten uterine cancer at the age of 95, KARE reported.
    지금, she has survived two viral pandemics. The only Covid-19 symptoms Dybing says she had was fatigue.
    Nothing in her lungs. They said she doesn’t have a fever. She just slept all the time,” Tillie’s daughter Susan Berke told KARE.
      Dybing recently returned to her apartment at the facility after spending a few weeks away from the general population, Ecumen officials tell CNN. They added that they are happy she has recovered and thanked her family for trusting them with her care.
      We continue to be so grateful to see that smile and hear her infectious laugh each day,” Ecumen Detroit Lakes posted on their its Facebook page. “She is such a blessing to our community!”

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