A 4.5-magnitude earthquake jolts Southern California

A preliminary 4.5-magnitude earthquake jolted the Southern California area late Friday night.

It hit at 11:39 오후. 현지 시각 two miles west of El Monte 과 10 miles from Los Angeles, the US Geological Survey reported.
The earthquake shook buildings and rattled windows, and was felt in San Diego, Valencia and the San Fernando Valley areas. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries, and the Los Angeles Fire Department warned residents to prepare for aftershocks.
If inside, when shaking starts, drop cover, hold on. Protect your head + neck while taking cover under sturdy furniture or near a sturdy interior wall, away from windows and doorways until shaking stops,” the LAFD tweeted.
    The earthquake was also felt at the Los Angeles International Airport, where crews are checking the airfield and terminals for any signs of damage, the airport tweeted.
    Lucy Jones, a seismologist with the California Institute of Technology, said the earthquake produceda pretty good joltin Pasadena, where she was. It wasalmost the same location as the M5.9 Whittier Narrows earthquake in 1987,” 그녀는 트윗했다. That earthquake hit on October 1 that year and caused $ 360 million in damage.

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