A 6-year-old girl is dead after a shooting at a San Antonio car club gathering

A man is facing capital murder charges after a shooting at a car club event in San Antonio left a 6-year-old girl dead and her mother injured Sunday night, authorities said.

Saryah Perez was struck by gunfire while sitting in the backseat of a vehicle, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said at a news conference Monday afternoon.
“I don’t know that any of us have words that adequately describe the atrocity that was committed here,” McManus said. “Another young life lost, another family grief-stricken by that loss.”
      Her mother was also grazed by gunfire in the incident, according to McManus.
        The man suspected in the shooting is in custody and is an acquaintance of the girl’s mother, the chief said, but he added it was not a case of domestic violence.
          Andrew Ray Elizondo, 23, was arrested near his home and charged with capital murder on Monday afternoon, according to McManus.
          McManus said the shooting was a “random act” and the cause of the altercation that led to the shooting is unknown.
          “It’s a random act by a reckless, heartless individual who could not have cared less where those bullets wound up,” McManus said.
          This photo provided by the San Antonio Police Department shows Andrew Ray Elizondo.

          “I don’t know what it was, at this point, but he began shooting and, unfortunately for little Saryah, she was the recipient of one of his bullets.”
            It was unclear whether the girl and her mother were attending the car club gathering, or just driving through the area where the event was being held Sunday night.
            Elizondo was booked into the Bexar County jail late Monday night and is being held on $ 500,000 bond. No attorney is listed for him on current jail records.

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