N 9-jarige meisie is vermoor en 2 seuns gewond tydens skietery in Noord-Carolina. Die polisie jag nou op die skieters

'N Soektog na skieters is aan die gang in Noord-Carolina nadat 'n 9-jarige meisie dood is en twee seuns Maandagaand gewond is in twee skieterye wat minute en ontvou het., the Statesville Police Department said.

If you saw the murder of this innocent child and injuries to the other innocent children, you must help in solving these cases,” polisie gesê.
The youngsters, insluitend 7- and 10-year-old boys, are the latest victims in a surge of gun violence and murder gripping American cities. Children also have been among dozens killed or injured by gunfire landwyd over recent weekends.
      The children were not the intended targets of the shootings in Statesville, police said they believe. It wasn’t immediately clear if the incidents were connected.
        Witnesses at the first shooting site said they saw someone firing from what might have been a white Mercedes, polisie gesê in 'n nuusverklaring. Witnesses at the second site said they saw someone shooting from what might have been a white Honda Accord.
            Officers in Statesville responded around 7 nm. to reports of a shooting andlocated two children outside of the residence who suffered gunshot wounds,” lui die vrylating. The girl died, while the 7-year-old boy was treated for his injuries.
            While working that crime scene, officers heard gunshots a couple blocks away, lui die vrylating. At that second site, they found the 10-year-old boy with a nonfatal gunshot wound, lui die vrylating.

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