A Bill Cosby Investigation with Nancy Grace: How 'America's Dad' became America's disgrace

The state’s highest court had thrown out the disgraced actor’s conviction after finding that District Attorney Kevin Steele, the prosecutor who brought the case against Cosby, violated an agreement to refrain from charging him that previous District Attorney Bruce Castor had made in 2005 — though the deal had apparently never been put in writing. 

Upon his release, several of his accusers are demanding answers and justice. They join Fox Nation host, former prosecutor and crime expert Nancy Grace, who investigates the ruling that shocked the nation. The special, called ‘Released: A Bill Cosby Investigation with Nancy Grace,’ features first-hand accounts from Cosby survivors, and even an interview with Castor himself.

Castor, who’s been fending off a heap of criticism for the past month — including but not limited to from Grace — defended his role in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision:

“I analyzed the evidence as it was available, and I made the decision that I thought was correct,” the former Montgomery County, Pa., D.A. said in the special. “Anybody who thinks I’m afraid of anyone, anywhere, is simply wrong. And I certainly would hope that my career in the last sixteen years since then has demonstrated that I’m not afraid to take any case to the court, at any time.”


In an appearance on Fox News’ ‘America Reports’ earlier this month, the attorney maintained that, back in 2005, he had “two choices” at his disposal as it related to Cosby.

“I could do nothing and hope the case got better, or I could try to set the board up so that civil lawyers who knew what they were doing could make a good civil settlement for the woman who complained,” explained Castor. “I chose to do something rather than nothing.”

Survivor Therese Serignese, with whom Cosby arrived at a settlement after having accused him of defaming her and other women when he said their sexual misconduct allegations where not true, recounted her harrowing experience on Fox Nation. Serignese had met Cosby at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1975; in a 2006 deposition, he reportedly testified that he’d given Serignese quaaludes before what he claimed was a ‘consensual sexual encounter.’

“I didn’t have any clothes on; I don’t recall how they got off,” Serignese told Nancy Grace. “Bill Cosby was behind me, having sex with me. I couldn’t move. I was pretty much immobilized — not only in fear, but because of the drugs.”


To hear more accounts from other survivors and learn more about the case that continues to confound the country, watch ‘Released: A Bill Cosby Investigation with Nancy Grace‘ on Fox Nation.

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Fox News’ James Leggate and Julius Young contributed to this report.

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