'A Biltmore Christmas': アメリカ最大の家が冬のワンダーランドに変わるのを見る

と 62 手で飾られた木, 175 ポインセチア, より多い 14,000 装飾品, 45,000 ライト, そして 1,000 花輪の足, the beautiful Biltmore Estate, アッシュビルにあります, ノースカロライナ州, spares no expense when it comes to decking the halls.

Join フォックスネーション ホスト アビー・ホーナセック as she takes an inside look at how America’s largest home, spanning 175,000 平方フィート, celebrates the holiday season.

エピソードで, “A Biltmore Christmas,” Hornacek goes on a behind-the-scenes Christmas tour into the 250-room French Renaissance chateau – which includes 35 bedrooms, 43 バスルーム, そして 65 fireplaces.

The Biltmore Estate first opened its doors on Christmas Eve in 1895 – this one marking its annual 126th celebration.


George Washington Vanderbilt first visited Asheville in 1887, where he considered the area to construct his own country mansion and estate. Vanderbilt decided to open the grand doors of Biltmore on Christmas Eve, since the holidays were always aspecial timefor him and his loved ones.

Inside the luxurious chateau is the Entrance Hall, where guests are welcomed. The country retreat is marvelously decorated annually and is full of festivities for Vanderbilt’s friends and family.

次, Hornacek takes a peek inside the Biltmore’s billiard room, where guests would relax after Christmas dinner and cozy up by the fire. Almost all the priceless objects throughout the estate are from the Vanderbiltsoriginal collection – from the leather on the furniture to the masterpieces of art.

The oak from the furniture came from the surrounding states, such as Virginia and Georgia, and was handmade at the Biltmore mansion.

加えて, there are seven full-time designers who are in charge of the Christmas decorations for the Biltmore Estate. The staff prepares to design the 250-room chateau a year in advance, just in time for the holidays.

The Biltmore displays 62 Christmas trees inside the mansion and presents a different theme every year. This year the theme is dedicated to Christmas carols, with one room dedicated to the “12 Days of Christmas.The designers hung five golden wreaths, representing the rings, along with handmade silhouettes to represent dancing ladies and drummers included in the song.

The Biltmore had two rooms for eating – the Banquet Hall was for formal dining, and the breakfast room for more informal dining. The Banquet Hall is the largest room in the mansion and currently showcases a 35-foot-tall Christmas tree.

Other spectacular rooms in the estate include a music room and a soaring glass Conservatory with a vast array of exotic tropical plants.

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以来 1895, Biltmore has combined the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, majestic house and lush gardens to allow guests to escape from everyday lifeespecially during the holiday season where every room is filled with Christmas cheer.

For more behind-the-scenes ofA Biltmore Christmas,” join Abby Hornacek as she continues her journey through the winter wonderland that is the Biltmore Estate.

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