A brief list of more 'masculine' presidents than Donald Trump

在星期一, 白宫发言人霍根·吉德利被问到唐纳德·特朗普总统是否感到 “去掉” 通过从Twitter和Facebook取消平台. 他对此说了: “The most masculine person I think to ever hold the White House is the President of the United States.

是, 真. He said it. You can watch it yourself right 这里:
现在, it’s worth noting here that Trump has a badly misshapen sense of what beingmasculineactually is. He thinks being a man means beingtough.As I wrote back in June 2020:
His idea of strength and toughness is deeply distorted, twisted and gnarled over many decades of grievance and bravado. 看到, 为特朗普, being strong and being tough is tied directly to winning, to dominating, to using overwhelming force to get a desired result.
In his mind, might makes right. And the world is split between people willing to use their power over others and those too afraid to exert it.
Masculinity is, 为特朗普, tied up in power and being a tough guy. Or at least acting like a tough guy.

But even by Trump’s own standards of masculinity, when you compare Trump to the men who have held the office of the presidency, I’m not sure he could possibly measure up to some of them. With an assist from CNN’s Kyle Feldscher, here’s a brief look at some of the moremasculinemen who have served as president.
* George Washington was the nation’s greatest general of his time, winning the Revolutionary War and establishing our current republic.
* Teddy Roosevelt was 射中 1912 outside of his hotel but went on to deliver a speech that night anywaywith the bullet still inside him! “It takes more than that to kill a bull moose,” 他告诉人群.
* 乔治·H·W. Bush was shot down over the Pacific while serving as an aviator during World War II.
* Ulysses Grant led American troops to a victory in the Civil War. As he was dying from throat cancer and could no longer speak, Grant ground out his famed memoir to keep his wife out of poverty after he passed.
* Rutherford B. Hayes/ William McKinley: Both served in the Union Army during the Civil War and sustained repeated wounds as a result. (McKinley’s horse was shot out from under him in one battle; he livedand continued the charge.)
The point here is two-fold:
1) Trump’s idea of masculinity is deeply flawed.
2) Even by that flawed standardor really any standardhe is nowhere close to being themost masculine personto ever hold the White House.
That claim, like so much that has come out of the White House over the past four years, is utter bunk.