A California city is guaranteeing income to 800 residents for two years

The city of Compton is launching a pilot program that will guarantee free, recurring cash payments to 800 of its low-income residentswith no strings attached.

The launch of the Compton Pledge, a guaranteed income program that seeks tochallenge the racial and economic injustice plaguing both welfare programs and economic systems,” was announced by Mayor Aja Brown in a 성명서 월요일 출시.
The program is slated to begin later this year with a select group ofpre-verifiedresidents who will receive monthly cash payments ranging from $ 300 ...에 $ 600 over a two-year period. It will also be available toirregularly or informally employed residents, immigrants of varied legal status, and the formerly incarcerated.
People in our community are going through tough times, and I know that guaranteed income could give people a moment to navigate their situation, and have some breathing room to go back to school, explore a new career path, spend time with their children, or improve their mental and emotional wellbeing,” said Brown in the 성명서. “Ensuring all people are able to live with dignity is something we should all strive for in America.
    One of the features of Compton Pledge is its online payment platform which allows recipients to get their money through direct deposit, electronic transfers, or even prepaid debit cards.
    게다가, the platform also provides no-cost banking and access toexisting financial, 적법한, and counseling services.

    A beacon of hope

    1 에 5 Compton residents live below the poverty linea figure that is double the national average, 에 따르면 Census.gov.
    The coronavirus pandemic has also raised the city’s unemployment rate which now stands at 21.9%, 에 따르면 program’s website. Compton Pledge hopes to reverse these troubling trends at no cost to its residents.
    지금까지, the program has raised over $ 2.5 백만 in private donations and in-kind contributions. This money will go to the Fund for Guaranteed Income,a registered public charity, 와 “the vast majority channeled directly to the cash transfer recipients,” according to program’s fact sheet.
    The Compton Pledge is led by Mayor Brown in partnership with the Fund for Guaranteed Income, the Jain Family Institutea nonprofit research institutionand dozens of other organizations that will advise on the implementation of the initiative into the community.

    Not the first guaranteed income pilot program in California

    The program, which bills itself as thelargest and longest-term guaranteed income initiative,” is not the first of its kind in the state of California.
    에 2019, Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs launched theStockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration” (SEEDS) , the first guaranteed income program in the country. SEEDS gave 125 Stockton residents $ 500 a month for 18 개월.
    And in June of this year, Tubbs and the Economic Security Projecta group that funds guaranteed income projects — 만들어진 Mayors for Guaranteed Income, a consortium of 25 mayors, including Brown, who are pushing for these kinds of pilot programs.
      The Compton Pledge has garnered praise from many advocates, most notably from Patrisse Cullors, one of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement.
      Guaranteed income is an urgent and necessary strategy for addressing the economic realities of racial injustice. I’m thrilled Mayor Brown and Compton are leading the way in this growing national movement,” she said in a 성명서.

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