A Chicago police officer was shot multiple times while responding to a domestic disturbance

A Chicago police officer was shot numerous times while responding to a domestic disturbance Friday and is hospitalized in a serious condition, 관리들은 말했다.

Officers responded to the call at around 8:30 오전, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said in a press conference.
도착, law enforcement officials took an elevator up to the apartment. Once they got off the elevator, shots were fired at the officers by the suspect who is now in custody, 브라운이 말했다.
      One officer, a male who has been with the police department for 15 연령, was shot multiple times and remains in serious condition, Brown added.
        A police officer with the University of Illinois at Chicago was monitoring the Chicago Police radio and transported the injured officer in his squad car, “likely saving his life,” the superintendent said.
          We are asking prayers for this officer and his family and we are praying for a full recovery,” 브라운이 말했다.
          Officers did not fire their weapons during the incident and also recovered a gun from the scene, the superintendent added.
          용의자, 벨라는 내가 그녀의 요구에 굴복하지 않는 한 그녀의 의사에 반해 그녀와 성관계를 가졌다는 것을 포함하여 나에 대한 잘못된 정보를 알리겠다고 위협했습니다., sustained an injury to his wrist and is being treated at a separate hospital, 브라운이 말했다. There were no other injuries related to the incident, 그는 덧붙였다.
          Brown said charges against the suspect are pending.
          The incident is a reminder ofthe difficulties and dangersof working as an officer, 브라운이 말했다, noting thatbeing a police officer in this country hasn’t been more dangerous in decades.
            Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who also attended the press conference outside the hospital where the officer is being treated, spoke about the alarming rise of domestic violence crimes.
            It is a huge public health and public safety issue, which we’re working diligently to address,” 그녀가 말했다. “But we have a long way to go as a society in understanding the danger to people in the household, the danger to our police, and the danger to ordinary residents when domestic violence happens inside of a household.

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