Un ayuntamiento en Alabama votó para disolver su departamento de policía después de un mensaje de texto racista

Un ayuntamiento en Alabama votó para disolver su departamento de policía de tres miembros después de que el subjefe envió un mensaje de texto racista a otros oficiales., según el alcalde, james latimer.

At an emergency meeting of the Vincent City Council on August 4, members moved to suspend with pay the Chief of Police James Srygley and Assistant Chief of Police John L. Bruto. The third officer, Lee Cardin, resigned later that evening after the council voted to pursue fully dissolving the department.
It left the city’s nearly 2,000 residents with no active police officers.
      El día siguiente, la Shelby County Sheriff’s Office dijo que era “currently handlingall law enforcement emergency calls for Vincent, que se encuentra sobre 35 miles east of Birmingham.
        The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office was recently notified by the Vincent City Council and Mayor regarding the recent allegations of misconduct within the Vincent Police Department, and we equally condemn these actions,” el comunicado declaró. “Alguacil [John] Samaniego stands with the City of Vincent in providing emergency law enforcement-related services for the citizens during this time.
          Angry residents had called for the assistant police chief to be fired at a City Council meeting on August 2 after the text message, which included a racist joke about slavery, surfaced on social media, afiliado de CNN WBRC informó.
          “A mi, that was just a punch in the gut like going back to the 1930s and 40s, and I often forget that we’re still not there,” Lois Garrett, a local resident, told WBRC. “It hurt. I was hurt; I was embarrassed because I thought we were better than that.
            CNN reached out to members of the city council and the Vincent police officers but has not heard back.
            The council is set to discuss the matter at their upcoming meeting on August 16.

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