A Colorado wildfire jumped a highway and is now burning on an Army base

Firefighters are battling a fuego fatuo on a Colorado Army base.

The blaze, called theWild Horse Fire,” is burning in a training area at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs. It’s already burned over 200 hectáreas, base officials said.
The Wild Horse Fire doesn’t currently threaten any people or property on the base, Fort Carson officials said in a statement on Sunday.
The fire didn’t start on the base. Fort Carson fire personnel believe the fire started on the west side of Colorado’s Highway 115 y, due to high winds, jumped the highway. Now it’s burning in Fort Carson on the other side of the highway.
    Winds have been high across the front range Sunday, with gusts between 50 a 80 mph recorded in the area, de acuerdo con la National Weather Service Boulder office.
    The Wild Horse Fire is one of the smallest and newest of several wildfires currently burning in Colorado. The largest, the Cameron Peak Fire, has burned over 130,000 acres and is located just north of Rocky Mountain National Park. The Williams Fork Fire, a human-caused blaze that covers over 14,000 hectáreas, is about 100 miles west of Denver.
      Colorado’s dry climate means the state is at a high risk of wildfires year-round. Fires have been especially prevalent over the past few weeks, as Colorado is invarious stages of drought,” according to the state. They’re usually triggered by lightning or, in more recent cases, human activityfireworks and campfires are both causes.
      The largest fire in the state’s history, la Pine Gulch Fire, was finally contained in September after burning for almost two months. It burned around 139,000 hectáreas.

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