A community in mourning will gather Saturday to honor Katie Meyer, 迈克·道格拉斯

迈克·道格拉斯, 叫 国家预防自杀生命线 在 1-800-273-8255 迈克·道格拉斯 741741. 国际预防自杀协会全球友人 还提供全球危机中心的联系信息.

Friends and loved ones of Stanford University star soccer player Katie Meyer, who died by suicide earlier this month, will pay their respects at a memorial service on Saturday.

迈耶, who helped secure the 2019 NCAA women’s soccer championship for her school, was found dead in her dorm room 在三月 1, the university has said. A medical examiner determined her cause of death was suicide.
Meyer’s parents are asking the public for their privacy to be respected ahead of the memorial service at Newbury Park High School Stadium in Newbury Park, 加利福尼亚州.
      We are very grateful for the generous outpouring of support for Katie and our family and thank you all deeply. Katie was a bright light in our lives and the lives of so many. Her light will continue to shine through the changes that we intend to accomplish in her honor,” Steve and Gina Meyer said in a statement to CNN.
        When the time is appropriate, we will provide further information regarding the desired and necessary change to prevent this tragedy from happening to other students and their families. We ask that everyone respect our family’s privacy and give us the time we need to heal.
          Meyer was a senior at Stanford, where she studied International Relations and was team captain as well as goalkeeper on the soccer team.
          在一个 emotional interview with NBC’s “今天” show on March 4, Gina Meyer expressed anguish as her family grieved Katiesaying the days following her death werelike a parent’s worst nightmare and you don’t wake up from it, so it’s just horrific.
          Her parents told NBC that they had spoken with their daughter hours before she died.
          She was excited and she had a lot on her plate, and she had a lot going on, but she was happy. She was in great spirits,” Gina Meyer said.
          Gina Meyer acknowledged the pressure to be perfect andthe bestcould induce anxiety. 但 “the only thing we can come up with that triggered something,” 她说, was some form of disciplinary action at school. Katie had recently defended a teammate on campus over an incident and she was facing repercussions because of it, her parents said, pointing to that as the possible turning point for their daughter.
          上个星期, Stanford said in a 声明 it has begun the process of adding more mental health counseling professionals to its staffing and encouraged people to seek the school’s counseling and psychological services.
            For all in our community who are suffering, know that whatever feelings are arising in you are normal and need time to be felt. There’s no one way or right way to grieve, and we are here to support each other as we find our own paths to healing,” the university said.
            一个 GoFundMe has been established by friends and family for Meyer’s memorial service.