A couple got married at the Dunkin' drive-thru where they met

더 많은 영감을 원합니다, 긍정적 인 소식? 가입 좋은 물건, 삶의 선을위한 뉴스 레터. 매주 토요일 아침에받은 편지함이 밝아집니다..

A couple who met at a Dunkindrive-thru three years ago got married at the same window where they first met, surrounded by friends, family and many, many donuts.

As the general manager of a Dunkinin Oklahoma City, Sugar Good is used to seeing hundreds of new faces a day. But there was one face in particular she just couldn’t get out of her head.
His name was John Thompson, and she memorized the time he would visit every morning, the details of his ordera large hot coffee with cream and sugar and a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich. But most of all, she memorized his smile.
I could never forget his smile,” Good told CNN. “I always noticed it. He has dimples and when he smiles, his eyes sparkle.
    Thompson had been going through the same drive-thru for years, but when he met Good in 2017, he immediately knew there was something special about her.
    Good and Thompson exchanging vows and getting married through the drive-thru.

    I always noticed her eyes, no matter where she was at in the store, I could always see her looking back at me,” Thompson told CNN. “아직도, I just didn’t get the hint she liked me, but I did everything I could to find out her name.
    After nearly a year of trying to work up the courage to ask her for her number, Thompson was finally readybut she beat him to the game. On the day he planned to give her his number, she gave him hers.
    On their first dateplaying mini golf on September 23, 2018 — Good said she knew Thompson was the love of her life. Since that day, the two said they have been inseparable, falling more in love everyday.
    He proposed in the Dunkinparking lot. On October 13, the couple exchanged vows seven months after being engaged and said “나는한다” at the same drive-thru where they first set eyes on each other.
    From Dunkinto the newlyweds, we want to send our congratulations on their sweet nuptials and thank them for celebrating their special day with us,” Dunkin’ 에 말했다 보도 자료.
    Dunkin' offered all customers a free donut to celebrate the wedding.

    Their Dunkinthemed ceremony, complete with stacks of sweets, custom photo donuts and a donut bouquet, was also a celebration all Dunkincustomers were welcome to join.
    Anyone who visited the store that day received a free glazed or maple glazed donutthe couple’s favoritesto celebrate the occasion. Dozens of customers even returned later during the day to witness the ceremony and cheer them on from their cars, Thompson said.
      I wake up everyday next to her and I’m just thankful. She still gives me butterflies. We’re always talking to each other and writing each other sweet notes everywhere. She’s my coffee girl,” 그는 덧붙였다.
      And you’ll always be my guy in the red truck,” Good laughed.

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