Un paio, sposato 50 anni, muore a poche ore di distanza dal Covid-19

Ai primi di novembre, Wilma Gail Bowen and Willard Bowen mourned the loss of Willard’s mother, che era morto per demenza e complicanze del Covid-19. Tre settimane dopo, il giorno del ringraziamento, the Georgia couple died of Covid-19, just hours apart from each other.

La coppia, who had known each other since high school and celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in September, likely caught the virus visiting Willard’s mother, said the couple’s daughter, Karen Kirby.
The couple spent a little over a week in the hospital in the intensive care unit. Once Wilma realized her husband might not ever get to return home, her daughter said her condition immediately worsened.
I honestly think she knew she couldn’t live life without him,” Kirby said. “They were just so in touch and in tune with each other.
    The Bowens with their daughter, Karen Kirby

    Originally in adjacent rooms, the couple was so worried about one another that a nurse sought permission to treat them both in the same room, a rarity in the ICU.
    She got special permission to take care of them together so they would not have to be apart,” Kirby said. “Their job is hell right now and I know that, but they helped to make my closure just a little bit better.
    The couple had deep ties to their community in Paulding County, a once rural area that is now one of Atlanta’s suburbs.
    Wilma, despite being 70 Anni, was a school nurse in Paulding County, foregoing retirement to spend more time caring for the students she lovingly referred to asher kids.
    Other school nurses said, ‘Your mom works circles around us even though she’s older than we are,'” Kirby said.
    The couple were given permission to share a room in the hospital's intensive care unit.

    Willard, 73, was an avid antique collector, known around town as the neighborhood antique dealer, always looking to repurpose. Before the couple contracted the virus, they had sold their house and were planning on moving into a new home. When their daughter’svillageof friends were packing up the old house, people immediately recognized items Willard bought from their garage sales.
    Though the couple never got to move into their new home, Kirby said she’s grateful her friends were there to help her with the move.
    That was God’s way of not making me dwell on all of those things,” lei disse
    Paulding County has suffered multiple coronavirus outbreaks, prompting on and off school closures. In a letter sent to the school community last week, one of the county’s elementary schools announced a switch to remote learning aftera large numberof staff and student quarantines. The school district did not respond to requests for comment.
      Having lost her grandmother and her parents in a month, Kirby is now urging people to understand the severity of the pandemic, and to reach out to loved ones accordingly.
      I had no inkling two weeks ago that I would be burying my parents. I just want people to take the time to reach out and love one another,” lei disse. “That’s what Mama and Daddy would’ve done.




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