A dog groomer's call to the Nebraska Humane Society helped save pet owner's life

在奥马哈养宠物之后, 内布拉斯加, 没能接他的狗, PetSmart美容师发现某事不对劲并采取行动.

所有者被描述为 “规范” 在宠物用品店, 和 “his dog was well cared for,” Nebraska Humane Society (NHS) 说过 推特 在星期一. The groomeralso noted that everything appeared normal when he had dropped the dog off.
They’d attempted to contact him but had no luck,” NHS said in its Twitter thread.
      That’s when the PetSmart called Animal Control Officer Kisha Witherspoon, who NHS said became concerned about the owner and notified Investigator Misty Binau to see what was going on.
        Binau went to the owner’s home and also did not receive a response, so she called the police.
          When officials were finally able to enter the residence, “the pet owner was found lying in distress in his apartment after suffering a medical episode,” the NHS said.
            We are proud of Officer Witherspoon for her intuition, and to Officer Binau and Dispatcher Bieranowski for their swift follow-up,” NHS said in the thread. “Way to go the extra mile!”
            NHS 说过 Lola, the owner’s dog, is nowfreshly groomed” 和 “back with family members as her owner gets the medical attention he needed.