Un perro desaparecido por 43 días se reúne con su familia tras ser rescatado de un silo de cereales

Detectives de mascotas locales y oficiales de control de animales en el condado de Kent, Michigan, se asoció para reunir a un perro y su familia después de rescatar al canino de un silo de granos.

Milo, un springer spaniel, había estado perdido por 43 dias, de acuerdo con la Kent County Animal Shelter. He had been last spotted in early February, but the case remained cold for nearly two weeks.
Por poco 20 miles away from his family, residents of the town of Sand Lake heard a dog barking over the course of a few days. Más tarde, they found Milo, stranded in anold bunker style silo,” the shelter said in a Facebook post.
Milo was found in a grain silo, having lost 33 pounds and suffering blistering cold, the shelter said.

The silo’s 10-foot-high walls prevented Milo from climbing back out, so town residents helped animal control officers loop a rope around the dog and hoist him to safety, the shelter said.
    Lost Paws LLC, a local pet finder service, noticed a January 8 post from a family in a nearby town who sought a dog a lot like the one they rescued from the silo, and the service assisted the shelter with the final task of finding Milo’s family.
    CNN has reached out to Lost Paws for comment.
      In his homecoming, Milo, who had lost 33 pounds and survived blistering cold, immediately recognized his family andmany tears were shed from everyone,” the animal shelter said in the Facebook post.
      What he nor his owners never lost was hope and hope is what finally reunited them,” ellos dijeron.




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