Una sparatoria in macchina lascia un bambino di 5 anni morto e un bambino di 8 anni ferito a Houston

Houston police are asking for the public’s help in finding whoever opened fire on a car overnight, uccidendo un bambino di 5 anni e ferendo un bambino di 8 anni.

Subito dopo 1 a.m. Domenica, officers received calls about a shooting in the 13300 block of Northborough Drive, Houston Police Asst. Chief Chandra Hatcher told reporters Sunday.
When officers arrived, they initially didn’t see anything. It wasn’t until police received reports of injured children who arrived at a hospital about 15 minutes later they realized a crime occurred, Hatcher said.
      Witnesses told police a car was driving westbound on Rushcreek Drive and another vehicle was traveling north on Northborough Drive, Hatcher said.

        The vehicle traveling westbound on Rushcreek might have had two suspects in it whostarted discharging a firearmor potentially multiple firearms,” Hatcher said.
          The other car traveling northbound on Northborough had a woman and two children in it, Hatcher said. As soon as the woman realized the children were shot, she immediately took them to a hospital, Hatcher said.
          The 5-year-old was pronounced dead, and the 8-year-old is expected to make a full recovery.
          The motive for the shooting remains unclear.
            We are looking for surveillance footage,” Hatcher said. She encouraged anyone who knows more about the incident to come forward.
            Please continue to pray for the family of the deceased child and the injured 8-year-old,” Hatcher said.




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