Un bulldog francese indossa un costume di Halloween diverso ogni giorno questo mese

There’s a dog in Texas dazzling more than 13,000 follower su Instagram con i suoi costumi di Halloween.

Rospo, known by his handle Goodboy.Toad, sta deliziando i fan con # toads31daysofhalloween, a hashtag people can follow to see him wearing a different Halloween costume every day of October.
In less than two weeks, his owners have already dressed him as Napoleon Dynamite, a mermaid and Jake from State Farm.
Owners Amy and Clint Herrington adopted Toad from a breeder in February, right before the coronavirus pandemic hit. They’ve since been stuck inside their Dallas home as they try to avoid contracting the virus.
    According to Amy Herrington, their boredom inspired them to start dressing up Toad in costumes and posting his images on Instagram.
    Toad the French bulldog as Sebastian from "The Little Mermaid."

    Making these silly videos of him gave us something to do while we were working from home,” Amy Herrington told CNN. “I started posting on my own account and then realized that my friends were getting sick of it.
    The couple decided to make a separate account for Toad. All'inizio, the costumes were made out of cardboard and other material scraps they could find. But once stores reopened, they began using children’s clothing to make most of Toad’s costumes. (Per il record, he’s a size 14.)
    The couple was surprised to see how much attention their pup received online, and that inspired them to keep the momentum going. They might even keep making content after Halloween.
      We definitely want to get back into making more videos,” Amy Herrington told CNN. “But there’s nothing planned yet.
      To catch up on all of Toad’s costumes, clicca qui.

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