A good Samaritan died after trying to save a man who fell on the subway tracks in New York City

A good Samaritan died on New Year’s Day while trying to help a man who fell onto subway tracks during a gang assault in New York City.

Omstreeks 2:40 vm., the assault victima 38-year-old malewas approached by several individuals on the southbound B/D train platform in the Fordham Road subway station in the Bronx, the New York City Police Department said in a statement.
The gangdisplayed a knife and began assaulting himand at some point the assault victim fell onto the subway tracks, volgens die polisie. It is unclear if he fell or if he was pushed.
      The 36-year-old witness went down to the tracks to help the victim, but wassubsequently struck by the oncoming train, causing his death,” polisie gesê.
        The train didn’t strike the assault victim, volgens die polisie, but he was treated and released by a local hospital for a fractured arm.
          Police said the suspected gang left the station in unknown directions, and have released surveillance photos from the scene in an effort to identify anyone who may have witnessed the incident, or any of the alleged assailants.
            The subway station, located on 188th Street, falls under the 46th Precinct, which has seen 34 felonious assaults the past 28 dae, according to city data.
            CNN has reached out to the Metropolitan Transit Authority, which is responsible for public transportation across the city, vir kommentaar.




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