A goose became a family's pet after being rescued as a baby

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An orphaned goose named LilBob has no idea it’s a bird, says the Ohio man raising it.

While driving in Mason last spring, Joe Songer came across a family of geese trying to cross the road.
We were sitting there for less than 30 seconds,” Songer told CNN affiliate WXIX. “And a guy decides behind us that he wasn’t going to wait. He went around us, and he killed his mother, father, and three siblings and Bob was the only survivor.
Songer rescued the gosling but feared it wouldn’t survive the night.
Ten months later later, LilBob is a beloved member of the family, spending days strolling through Cincinnati’s parks with Songer and his dog, Hant.
When they’re not taking walks, the trio like to hang out on the couch.
We watch TV together for hours at a time sometimes,” Songer said.

LilBob is potty trained and rings a bell to use the bathroom.
The bird has accompanied Songer and Hant to Chicago, Cleveland and Tennessee, drawing astonished glances and questions from strangers.
LilBob’s diet includes one guilty pleasure: Arby’s roast beef sandwiches, minus the bun.
Songer says he’s fine if LilBob ever decides to fly away, WXIX informó, but so far the goose seems happy to stay.
With LilBob’s veterinarian estimating the bird could live 15 a 20 años, the family is looking forward to a lot more adventures.




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