Un uomo armato è morto dopo una sparatoria a un concerto di Natale nella cattedrale di New York

La polizia ha sparato mortalmente a un uomo armato nella cattedrale di St.. John the Divine a New York City dopo un concerto di Natale domenica pomeriggio, secondo la polizia.

A choir was singing at the top of the steps at the cathedral when the suspect entered the scene with two handguns and opened fire into the air, secondo la polizia.
Two NYPD officers and a sergeant were present at the scene and opened fire, striking the gunman in the head, a police source said. Officers who were on site at the time of the shooting were hired to be there for the concert.
There was some kind of concert at the steps (of the church),” Lt. John Grimpel, an NYPD spokesman, ha detto alla CNN. “There was an individual firing shots. Officers that were at the scene engaged him.
    A shooter opened fire outside the church before police returned fire.

    Il tiratore — a man in his 50swas pronounced dead at St. Luke’s Hospital late Sunday afternoon, a law enforcement source told CNN.
      We don’t have a lot of information but our gratitude goes out to first responders. People should keep the area clear as police continue their investigation,” Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer ha detto su Twitter.
      Two of Brewer’s staff membersher chief of staff and press secretarywere present during the shooting but were unharmed, lei disse.

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