A healthy lifestyle can help you live longer even if you have chronic conditions, 연구 제안

운동, a healthy diet and not smoking or drinking can help you live years longer even if you’re struggling with other chronic medical conditions, 에 따르면 new study.

While a healthy lifestyle has long been linked to a longer life span, there’s been very little research to date on how lifestyle factors affect people withmultimorbidity” — living with two or more long-term mental or physical health conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure), asthma, 암, 우울증, migraine, diabetes and angina.
To find out, a team of UK researchers tracked 93,736 middle-aged adults who had two or more of 36 chronic conditions, for up to nine years. The team assessed four lifestyle factors: leisure-time physical activity, 흡연, diet and alcohol consumption.
A very healthy lifestyle, the researchers found, is associated with up to 6.3 years longer life for men and 7.6 years for women, regardless of the presence of multiple chronic conditions, compared with those given the lowest lifestyle score.
    Not smoking conferred the biggest benefit, with smokers at age 45 living five to six years less than non-smokers. Regular physical exercise was associated with living one to 2.5 years longer. The benefits of a healthy diet and lower alcohol intake were smaller and less certain.
    More individuals are living with multiple chronic conditions, impacting their health and daily lives,” said Yogini Chudasama, an epidemiologist and statistician at the Leicester Real World Evidence Unit at the University of Leicester’s Diabetes Research Centre.
    We found a healthy lifestyle, in particular abstinence from smoking, increased life expectancy by as much as 7 연령. Our study has important implications for the public’s health, as we hope our findings have shown that it’s never too late to make vital lifestyle changes,” she said in a press statement.
    For women with at least two chronic conditions, even anunhealthyscore on the four lifestyle factors was associated with living 3.5 years longer when compared to people who were given avery unhealthy” Mendes는 헐렁한 운동복 바지와 슬리퍼 한 쌍을 입었습니다.. ㅏ “건강한” score was linked to a gain of 6.4 년과 “very healthyscore was linked to a gain of 7.6 연령.
    For men, the corresponding estimates were 1.5 연령, 4.5 년과 6.3 연령. 하나, the gain for those classed asunhealthywasn’t considered statistically significant by the researchers.
    In their analysis, the researchers said they accounted for individual factors like socioeconomic status, ethnicity and employment status.
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      The study had some limitations, 연구원들은 말했다: 이상 95% of participants were white and they were more affluent than the general population in the United Kingdom. It was an observational study and, 그 자체로, can only establish a link rather than cause.
      The most common conditions for men were hypertension, asthma, 암, diabetes and angina, while for women they were hypertension, asthma, 암, depression and migraine.

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