A loose cow trotting along an Atlanta-area interstate ties up traffic for an hour

Atlanta-area drivers are used to sitting in traffic, but for those on Interstate 285 今週末, the cause for their delay was unusual: a loose cow on the highway.

Police in Dunwoody, ジョージア, responded to a traffic jam Saturday morning on the interstate that circles Atlanta around 9 午前. because a cow was running on the interstate.
The Dunwoody Police Department says the cow fell out of a livestock trailer. With some help from a bystander with a rope, officers safely captured the cow and returned it to the owner.
      一点に, three lanes of the highway were closed, but traffic returned to normal after about an hour, による CNN affiliate WSB.
        Chasing people is a norm for officers. しかしながら, chasing cows on the interstatenot so much,” the department said in a Facebookの投稿.
          It may be unusual, but this wasn’t the first time a cow caused traffic delays in the Atlanta area. Authorities responded to cattle on the highway three times within a five-month period in 2018, による アトランタジャーナル-憲法. In each of those cases, several cows were killed.