A man flying in a jetpack has been spotted again in the skies over Los Angeles

An unidentified man was seen flying in a jetpack near the Los Angeles International Airport … 다시.

The man was spotted by a flight crew around 1:45 오후. 수요일, the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed to CNN.
A China Airlines crew reported seeing what appeared to be someone in a jet pack at an approximate altitude of 6,000 피트, about seven miles northwest of Los Angeles International Airport,” the FAA said in a statement.
The FAA said it alerted local law enforcement agencies and are investigating the report.
    Similar sightings of a man in a jetpack near LAX were reported to the FAA in September.
    An American Airlines flight was the first to report aguy in a jetpackat the plane’saltitude of 3,000 feet above Los Angeles International Airport on September 1. The aircraft’s crew said that the man was approximately 30 yards away from the aircraft. 약 10 몇 분 후, another plane spotted the man.
    The FBI previously confirmed that it was investigating that particular incident.
    CNN has reached out to the FBI about the ongoing investigation and LAX for comment. There are no additional details at this time.
      CNN obtained the audio between air traffic control and American and JetBlue flight crews from the September 1 사건. According to the communications, air traffic control warned a JetBlue flight touse cautionperson on a jetpack reported 300 yards south.
      After the plane acknowledged the instruction, the controller concluded with: “Only in LA.

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