'N Man van die Verenigde Arabiese Emirate het twee rekords vir wakeboard-rekords gebreek

Tien jaar gelede, Omeir Saeed Almheiri het op wakeboarding verlief geraak. Nou het die 23-jarige van die Verenigde Arabiese Emirate twee Guinness-wêreldrekords verbreek.

Almheiri smashed the record for the longest ramp jump on a wakeboard with a 21 meter (68.89 ft) spring, Guinness announced on Monday. The previous record was held by Jérôme Macquart with his 15 meter (49.21 ft) jump in 2004.
The young Emirati was also awarded the title for the most wakeboard rail airs in 30 sekondes, doubling the record once set by Macquart.
If there is one thing that I learned from this experience, it is that we hold a big responsibility to inspire the younger generation, to transfer the message and share the passion,” Almheiri told Guinness World Records.
    Having this global recognition in hand makes me proud as an Emirati, as this is certainly the jewel in the crown of so many years of achievement and success.
    Almheiri said when he first started wakeboarding when he was 13 jaar oud, he fell in love with the sport. Sedertdien, it has allowed the professional wakeboarder to travel the world.
    I joined a friend for a visit to a cable park, and I was hooked; my life has changed since then. I knew it was just my first time, but would definitely not be my last,” Almheiri said.
      He has been the unbeaten champion of the UAE Open Men’s National since 2012, according to Guinness.
      Breaking a Guinness World Records title has always been a dream of mine and to be able to break not one but two records is a great honor,” Almheiri said on Instagram.

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