Un hombre es acusado de intento de asesinato después de que dispararan contra agentes de policía en Chicago

La policía de Chicago ha acusado a un hombre de cinco cargos de intento de asesinato después de que dispararan contra cinco agentes., the city’s police department said Sunday.

The Chicago Police Department said 29-year-old Tracey Thomas Jr. was arrested Saturday afternoon after allegedly shooting at five police officers, striking one in the hand.
Police said this image shows the suspect's gun that was recovered during his arrest.

At one point Thomas was barricaded and crisis negotiators were called in, the CPD said.
      The gun used in the attack was recovered at the scene, la policía dijo.
        Police said the suspect would appear in bond court Sunday. CNN is trying to determine whether Thomas has an attorney.
          CPD spokesperson Tom Ahern tweeted Saturday night,Very thankful that our wounded officer has been treated and released from the hospital. Another vivid reminder of the inherent dangers #ChicagoPolice Officers face every day.
          Chicago Police Superintendent David O. Brown praised the officers involved.
          I am proud of our SWAT team members and officers who resolved a critical incident peacefully with the surrender of the suspect and a firearm recovered. This incident highlights the courage, bravery and dedication of our officers who run towards danger every day,” Brown tweeted Saturday.
            Brown said Sunday that 20 Chicago officers have been shot or shot at so far this year.
            This past week has been a stark reminder of how dangerous the job of a #ChicagoPolice officer is, with three of our officers being wounded by gunfire in three separate incidents,” he said on Twitter.

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