A man making a video about Philadelphia's gun violence was shot and killed on the job

A Philadelphia man working on a video about the city’s gun violence became a victim of the story while on the job.

安东尼·梅里埃特, 55, 星期一晚上他在从货车上购买设备时被枪杀, 根据 CNN affiliate WPVI, as he was interviewing family members of gun violence victims. He was working for a production company making an anti-violence video to stream on Netflix, according to the affiliate.
Police said Merriett was shotmultiple times throughout his body.He was transported to the hospital, 他被宣告死亡.
      Officers have not made any arrests and have not recovered any weapons, 警察说.

        Rise in gun violence

          His death is Philadelphia’s 119th homicide of 2021, 根据 Philadelphia Police Department, and adds to a sharp uptick in homicides compared to previous years. At the same point a year ago, 曾经有 93 凶杀案. That means homicides have increased by 28% compared to the same time period in 2020, which was at a level not seen in the city since 2007, according to department statistics.
          The Philadelphia City Council’s Special Committee on Gun Violence Prevention held a public hearing Tuesday, scheduled before Merriett’s death, to work on the city’s plan to address the murder rate.
            Councilman Kenyatta Johnson called gun violence in the city aplague.
            As an elected official, and as a father of two African American young men, this is totally unacceptable,” Johnson said in the virtual hearing.