A man on trial in North Carolina who was shot during a courtroom scuffle has died, dicono i funzionari

A man who was shot by a police officer after allegedly trying to take a bailiff’s weapon inside a North Carolina courtroom has died, state investigators said.

The shooting occurred Thursday inside the Person County Courthouse in Roxboro, according to a statement from the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation.
Christopher Thomas Vaughan, 35, was on trial for false imprisonment after being accused of trying to coerce a woman from a Walmart, Louisburg attorney Boyd Sturges told The News & Osservatore.
      Following a guilty verdict, Sturges said, Vaughan threw a chair and ran for the judge’s bench, where two deputies subdued him, according to The News & Osservatore.
        Vaughan tried to grab a bailiff’s weapon, the SBI said. Vaughan was shot by a Roxboro police officer, according to information shared with the SBI by local authorities. Vaughan was taken to Duke University Hospital, dove è morto, according to the SBI statement.
          The bailiff had a gash on his head and scratches on his neck, while the officer had a broken hand, the SBI said. They were treated at medical facilities and released.

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