A man played the same numbers on the same day on 160 lottery tickets. He won $  800,000

Sometimes you just gotta go with a feeling.

Kwame Cross bought 160 tickets this month for a Virginia Lottery Pick 4 경기. And he played exactly the same four-digit combination for every ticket: 7-3-1-4.
That combination, 12 월 5, proved to be a winning one, bringing Cross an $ 800,000 payday.
I saw an address in a TV show, in the background, and for some reason it stayed with me,” Cross, of Dumfries, told Lottery officials, 보도 자료에 따르면. “I just had a feeling.
    Those numbers hit the Pick 4 top prize of $ 5,000, which was multiplied 160 times to earn Cross the huge payout. The chance of matching all four numbers in exact order is 1 에 10,000, according to the Virginia Lottery.
      “나는 생각했다, ‘This can’t be real!'” 그는 말했다. “I had to pull over and check, 처럼, 82 타임스. It feels surreal!”
      Cross, who owns a small business in Washington DC, told lottery officials he has no immediate plans for the money. He bought the tickets from a Sunoco gas station in Arlington.




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